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  1. A limerick which must be seen

    Published: Thu 26 November 2015
    Updated: Sun 01 October 2017
    By George Macon

    In Misc.

    You can’t call the British Queen Ms.
    Tain’t as nice as Elizabeth is.
    But I think that the Queen
    Would be even less keen
    To have herself mentioned as Ls.

    Asimov, Isaac. “Out of Sight”. Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Dec. 1973.

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  2. A Tool to Handle /etc/passwd.pacnew and Friends

    The last several times I’ve updated filesystem, .pacnew files were created for /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group, and /etc/gshadow. My default approach for merging .pacnew files is to use vimdiff to edit the original and new files simultaneously. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work very well for /etc/passwd and friends because they are databases, not configuration files.

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  3. Liars and Outliers Review

    Published: Wed 30 October 2013
    Updated: Sun 01 October 2017
    By George Macon

    In Books.

    This is a review of Bruce Schneier’s Liars and Outliers, a book about security. He works from first principles to develop an understanding of what happens today.

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